Top 6 Freelancer Jobs in 2020

Top 6 Freelancer Jobs in 2020

“Looking for freelance jobs? This article will help you learn about freelance jobs 2020. “

The freelancing platform over the world almost covers all types of services in every niche, such as graphics, economics, marketing, business, programming, textual writings, and many more. People are progressing quickly by learning skills and offering their services at different freelancing platforms. Millions of freelance are available at the top freelancing platforms. Fiverr, Upwork, and other famous freelancing sites are offering the best freelancer jobs.

People from all over the world hire freelancers from these top websites; plenty of freelance jobs are available for one single person in almost every niche. Freelancing is gradually overcoming the concept of practical jobs because freelancer jobs do not require years of experience; rather, it requires skill and expertise in the subject. Following is a descriptive list of top 6 freelance jobs 2020 :

Web Development:

Web Development Is one the top demanding skill at the freelance network, it does not require expensive tools, nor it requires a valuable machine to work on; all it demands is skill and mastery. Expertise working in this field earns approximately 500$ – 700$ per month; however, it depends upon your work quality and the hours you offer to your work.

Programming and Software Development:

The freelance network is providing tons of jobs to programmers and software developers. There is great competition in the programming and software development niche. One needs to invest both mind and money in learning the best coding skills and then offering them to famous freelance sites. There are tons of freelancer jobs available for programmers, IT experts, and software developers. A programmer approximately earns 300$-500$ per month.

Content Writing:

Content writing offers the easiest work structure and a decent amount in return for your writing skills. It requires fine research on the relevant topic and a quality selection of words and sentences to exhibit the message towards the reading audience. A content writer approximately earns 200$-400$ per month from the freelancer jobs; however, it depends upon the person who’s writing, and for whom he’s writing.


This niche seems very uncommon upon hearing but is highly demanding on freelancing platforms. It includes the translation of various books, subjects, scripts, or manuals. It is best for a person who has a good vocabulary of his own language and possesses good communication skills. A translator earns 200$-500$ per month from freelancer jobs.

Video Editors:

Video editors are highly respected and well-paid in the freelancing industry. There is a lot of work-related to video editing, which is being offered on different freelancing platforms. It all depends upon the skills of video editing freelancer; more skillful and professional video editors earn more than beginners, but still, everyone can make a decent amount of money in the video editing niche. A video editor can make from 200$ up to 600$ per month from freelancer jobs.

Digital Marketing:

The world of online marketing, i.e., digital marketing, includes brand promotions, product marketing, website marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and other relevant marketing projects. It is listed among professional freelancer jobs; marketers are hired by different businessmen and companies to promote their stuff. The income earned by this freelance job depends upon the number of sales a marketer made and the commission he’s getting per sale.

Never hold yourself from unlocking the doors of opportunities, enter the world of freelance with your skill, without any strict education, experience measures, and build decent assets for a safe future.

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