The Best Places to Take Surveys Online

The Best Places to Take Surveys Online

There are multiple fine organized sites available to take surveys online. The best sites for surveys online 2020 are Swagbucks, Branded surveys, Lifepoints, etc.

Taking paid surveys online has become popular among professionals; it enables one to earn a lot in his spare time. Surveys are taken to collect the overall reviews of the audience on a specific product so they can track the performance of that product and plan their next launches according to them.

The reviews of people help them to plus and minus characteristics in their specific product. Moreover, it also works for the betterment of the company and gets a rating. The article further features some very trusted and potentially greater survey sites, although there are tons of sites available for surveys; however, these are the most rated ones.


Swagbucks is a very popular site which people use to take surveys online. It is owned and operated by Prodege, LLC. The site is influencing the business marketplace for almost 15 years. It pays a decent amount of money on every completed survey, and It has different signup bonuses too.

Swagbucks allow their users to work for a wide range of income opportunities; it offers them gift cards to redeem and many more bonuses like online shopping credentials, etc. It is almost available in every region. They maximally offer $2 per survey, and their registered payment method is PayPal cash.

Branded Surveys

Branded surveys is also considered to be a very safe and trusted site to take surveys online. It has a 5 star rated compensation and cash out process. It is highly trusted among people and possesses an easy to use interface. One can start taking surveys as soon as he creates his account, and they have a $1 signup bonus for newbies. Completed surveys could be paid up to $5. It provides great models and structures that help to earn more. It is only available in the United States, Canada, and the UK. The payment methods for Branded Surveys include PayPal cash or prepaid visa cards.


Lifepoints is also referred to as National Family Opinion. It also a very trusted and organized site to take surveys online. It also has a five-star rating of compensation and cashes out process. This is free; you can sign up for free and start taking surveys. The survey topics in Lifepoints range from technology to households, and a completed survey could be paid up to $5. Lifepoints is available in the United States, India, Hong Kong, China, and many more countries. Its payment methods include PayPal cash or e-gift cards.

It is preferably said that one should avoid taking surveys on sites which have no ratings or history or any decent background, and those who ask for payments upon joining. Also, avoid the sites that pay too little for taking surveys because a lot of sites are already available that are paying a decent amount for taking surveys online 2020.

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