5 Elearning Platforms You Can Use For Online Courses

5 Elearning Platforms You Can Use For Online Courses

An eLearning platform is a forum where students gather electronically and gain knowledge. Best eLearning platforms 2020 includes Shaw academy, Skillshare, LinkedIn.

eLearning is a system of transferring knowledge and skills to a large number of audiences at the same or different times by means of technology or the internet. Although the society did not accept this at first, however, now it is greatly supported by students and skillful teachers.

The universities had turned into virtual universities, various colleges are delivering their lectures online, and tons of websites are offering eLearning courses at reasonable rates, and even for free. The best eLearning platforms 2020includes Shaw academy, Skillshare, LinkedIn learning, Udemy, Treehouse, etc.  The article further focuses on these best eLearning platforms 2020 and their portfolio in the student community. 

Shaw Academy

Shaw academy is an online eLearning platform, which was founded in 2013. It provides a wide range of courses almost in every category, available in both audio/video form. The main courses they focus on are health, fitness, photography, software development, and digital marketing. They provide the finest quality of courses, always elaborating and explaining things in a very principled manner. Millions of students are learning online by the Shaw Academy project.


Skillshare is also an online eLearning platform that provides various ranges of courses that are most relevant to Photography, visual art, creative writing, illustration, and entrepreneurship. It is an American learning platform, and people from all over the world are learning from their educational videos. It provides a one-month free trial afterward; it demands a subscription.

LinkedIn learning 

LinkedIn leaning is also an American eLearning platform that is providing educational lectures on creative, software, and business skills. The website is recently acquired by Microsoft Corporation, and have great courses available, providing a better understating of relevant skills. LinkedIn also works for team learning and learning projects for complete organizations; however, the subscription cost then varies upon the number of people working. It is preferably said that for those who are hunting jobs, LinkedIn is the best platform as it can frame you on a long term journey of struggle and success.


Udemy is a very well-known online eLearning platform that provides educational videos on every niche. It almost covers every skill category and works best for sharp-witted learners. Udemy has an easy to use interface, and it is worth the subscription, as the courses are available at a very reasonable and affordable cost. Moreover, Udemy also allows instructors to build their online courses in their relevant niches and then sell them.


Treehouse is also an online eLearning platform that mainly focuses on software development and IT niches. It gives you a great exposure to HTML and CSS, how to create web pages with HTML and CSS. It offers courses in different languages, i.e., Java, Python, PHP, etc. It is fixedly priced as $25 per month, giving you access to more than 1000+ educational lectures in relevant niches. eLearning platforms are overcoming the concepts of physical one to one learning at schools and colleges. Rather than paying a lot of money to schools and colleges, people nowadays prefer learning online peacefully.

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