4 Membership Sites That Make $100K+ Per Year

4 Membership Sites That Make $100K+ Per Year

Membership sites provide a gateway to content that is just a click away. Membership sites are also referred to as business sites. People prefer memberships rather than freebies.

Once a person enables his membership, he is given access to that relevant content on the specific membership site. Membership sites sell their content, which is secured behind a paywall on the website. Membership sites provide different membership levels, i.e., a lower level membership would cost low and would have very limited access to the content.

In contrast, a higher-level membership would cost much but would provide full access to all the content available. They pay for the content because they expect quality and to endure a better understanding of everything. Many successful membership sites are earning more than $100K annually are discussed in the article.

Orchids Made Easy

Orchids made easy is an electronic website made by a guy “Ryan Levesque,” known as the orchid guy. He regularly drops content about orchids care and things relevant to pet care. People buy his monthly membership and get content related to orchids and relevant to orchid’s health care.

People prefer buying the memberships to get a complete factual understanding of everything about their orchids. Moreover, Ryan ‘The Orchid Guy’ possesses years of experience in orchid care. The members are allowed to join with a low fee for the first month, so they test the website properly weather it falls on their standards or not.

The Game Changers

This website wholly focuses on business training programs and business coaching. The founder Barry Magliarditi had structured a journey, which coaches one about business thoroughly. The website has three levels of memberships. The more you pay, the more you learn. It has a fixed fee structure with no vulnerabilities or relaxations; however, the membership access fee is worth it. They truly turn the tables for your business and change the game.

Smart Blogger

A smart blogger is also an electronic membership site that provides courses under the blogging niche. Smart blogger is included under the best high-quality online courses providing websites, and members are happily paying to them. It works with the motto “Writers Don’t Have to Be Poor.” The freelance writers and bloggers can display their written pieces and blogs publically just by accessing smart blogger memberships.

Jan Spiller Astrology

Jan Spiller Astrology is an electronic website that provides daily horoscopes and much more related to astrology to their members. They have monthly horoscope plans, natal charts, career horoscopes, and much more only for their registered members; however, they have free daily horoscopes for the public but on limited trial bases

These websites discussed are all included in the top membership sites of recent and ongoing years. They focus on long term goals for wealth and assets creation. These websites are easily earning more than $100K per year by membership means. It could take a lot of time to develop a decent membership site, but it is always worth it.

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